Cotton Mather’s American Ghosts

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2 thoughts on "Cotton Mather’s American Ghosts"

  1. Chris says:

    I would be very careful running the first story, and to some extent the third.

    A woman has a massive bruise on her eye and a bump on her head, along with black and blue bruises on her arms and scratches on her breast, and she wants to stay at the neighbors’ house rather than with her husband? I think any group with a female player will conclude something very different from “clearly it was a haunting!” and some players might be very uncomfortable with this premise in their game.

    The third one likewise rings of domestic violence to me, but it’s not quite as obvious. Still, if I wanted to use it, I would change the symptoms to something more obviously haunted, rather than something that sounds like a desperate wife trying to fight off her drunken husband and protect her child with scissors or needles.

    1. Tristan Zimmerman says:

      These are all excellent points. Thank you!

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