Shanty Hunters just won a 2022 ENNIE award!

Shanty Hunters, my tabletop RPG about collecting magical sea shanties in the year 1880, just won a really cool award! The ENNIE Awards are the highest-profile awards in the tabletop RPG space. The ENNIEs have five judges (who change every year), and they decide nominations for categories like ‘Best Adventure’ or ‘Best Game’. A week later, the public votes on the nominees and the one with the most votes in each category wins the award.

But each judge also selects a single product to skip the nomination and voting process: the Judge’s Spotlight winners. And that’s what Shanty Hunters just won!

An enormous ‘thank you’ to Christopher Gath, the judge who selected me; to all my Kickstarter backers and Patreon patrons; to cover artist Richard Schuchman; proofreaders Stan Zimmerman and Myriam Springuel; Cat Tobin for letting me market the book as a GUMSHOE product; and to my beautiful wife Dara, without whom none of this would have happened.

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